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All the places in one app, wherever you are.


Wondering how to get to your destination easily?

Forget about searching for a floor plan, now you will find your destination regardless of your reception and the place you are in. PointFinder is a modern interactive map to find places of interest.


See, how it works:

Thanks to PointFinder, you will learn about the newest:


All the places in one app

Thanks to PointFinder, you will have access to all the maps of facilities of your interest in any city.

  • End to wandering

    You don’t have to waste time to look for the floor plan. PointFinder app will lead you to your destination inside every building.

  • Information and promotions within reach

    Thanks to PointFinder you can get all the info about services and object of interest. You will also get personalized promotions available only for app’s users.

  • Keep abreast

    Have a quick access to current events and special offers in the place you are in.

  • Keep your receipts organized

    Keep you receipts catalogued and organized just like you want it.

  • Share with your friends

    Found an interesting promotion? You like this place? Get additional benefits by recommending places and offers to your friends.

PointFinder – first mobile app which encompasses a complete set of most important objects such as:

Shopping Centres




Science Centers

Art Gallery

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We are constantly working on adding new interesting places, events and offers.

If you would like to have your favourite place, offers or interesting events in PointFinder - tell the owner of the facility or the event organiser.

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